• Where Experience Meets Consulting: Joshua Wickman

  • Posted on March 20, 2017
  • Experience is something Joshua Wickman does not suffer for a lack of. He has been working in business consulting for years now and has excelled by resolving to use every opportunity to learn more about his trade. Business consulting is Josh Wickman’s passion and it shows through the results he is able to obtain.

    Joshua Wickman of California is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Josh Wickman Consultant. The success that Wickman has had can be directly attributed to his experience in the marketing and customer service as well as his passion for business consultancy, which is the driving force behind all of his efforts. Joshua Wickman is passionate about helping businesses to take the next step. More than a decade of experience in marketing strategy, customer service, and strategic planning informs Joshua Wickman’s efforts.

    Wickman attended the University of Utah and is a proud alumnus. While there, he majored in Mass Communication and Media Studies. He would graduate with his Bachelor of Science (BS). He has certainly put his education to good use in the years since he left the University of Utah, becoming a skills business consultant and sales manager. In January of 2015, Joshua Wickman was hired as the new President of Pacific Coast Consulting Group, an exciting situation he has thrived in.

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