• The Skills and Experience of Josh Wickman

  • Posted on October 15, 2017
  • Clients value Joshua Wickman’s high degree of skill in such areas as social networking, social media marketing, advertising, pubic relations and, especially sales management. As they see it, his level of skill in these areas are not just unmatched among business consultants, but they also are highly valued. Clients realize they can’t do it all along; they need to partner with someone who is highly skilled in those areas and others, and Josh Wickman is a great partner to have in any business venture.

    Besides being president of Pacific Coast Consulting Group, Josh also is the Chief Executive Officer at Josh Wickman Consultant, a firm he founded back in June 2012 because he wanted to make his own mark on the industry. Josh also has an impressive education, having earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communication and Media years ago, but his value comes from his experience. Josh Wickman has been sharpening his consulting skills over his decade-plus as a consultant and sales manager, based on his work with many organizations, including the American Recovery Association, which is the largest network of certified recovery and marketing professionals in the country. To make the business fortunes of bill collectors soar is no small feat.

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